Hobonichi Weeks Kit! And how to use them?

Hey guys! It's V here! I'm really loving this blog feature that we've decided to add. It's a great outlet for me to talk (or rather, type) more. Okay, let's get down to the nitty-gritty!

So as you all know, we have just released our hobonichi weeks kit. It features Haru along with beautiful ombre rainbow colors. (We really incorporate lots of nature into our stickers. WE LOVE MOTHER NATUREEEE!)

It comes in 3pcs per set printed on premium quality paper. The texture feels good to touch. It's so smooth~! I love how I can always take it out and re-stick them if I stick it on the wrong place. The stickiness doesn't wear off just after one stick.

It aligns nicely where the date/days should be. This took W (our designer) a loooong time to get it perfect. She really put in lots of effort! The little white round circles are where you can fill in the dates!

This is how it looks like on your hobo weeks after you're done sticking them! I love the feeling of using up a whole sheet and throwing the empty piece of paper away. What about you?

Alternatively, if you have no hobo weeks but still love the hobo weeks kit (like me), you have no worries! The whole point of me being here is to show you how to do it without a hobo weeks!

TAADAAHHH! This is how I used the hobo weeks kit on my MD Diary. I cut up the days/dates into little pieces to use as a day/date indicator. The rest of the stickers in the kit are basically just decorators. The little hearts can still be used as to-do dots, just as what they were for. I didn't do much changes, i just let my ideas flow and went along with it as I journal. This is the beauty of it, isn't it? Just letting your creativity take over and coming up with styles that are uniquely your's.

We would love so much to see what you guys come up with using our hobo weeks kit. They are very versatile and shouldn't be restricted to usage on the hobo weeks only. Don't forget to tag us on instagram and hashtag #duskpaperco when you use our stickers. We love to see what you guys use them for. It gives us more inspiration to create more stickers!

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